No Shave November

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June 30, 2018
Barbers of the Lowcountry welcomes two new barbers
February 28, 2019

Barbers of the Lowcountry Raises Money for American Cancer Society, partners with R Bar in Bluffton SC

Anyone with facial hair, listen up! Give your follicles a break this November and STOP SHAVING. It’s that time again: No-Shave November, and there’s something in it for you.

From October 29th to November 3rd, our annual beard-growing competition commences with 20% off the price of the smoothest, closest, most comfortable shave you’ve ever had. Then, from October 29th until November 30th grow that peach fuzz with a vengeance.

The concept is simple: Give up all hair maintenance for a month and donate the dollars you would have spent on things like haircuts, hair products, shaving supplies, waxing appointments (you get the idea), to a major cancer research organization like the American Cancer Society. Why hair? Because cancer patients often lose theirs during treatment, so we grow what they can’t.

There’s competition involved. This year’s teams are:

  • Bluffton Beard
  • Lowcountry Scruff
  • Hairy Porter

The winning hair-raisers get a free party at R Bar & Grill located across the street from the barbershop. Here’s what happens next:

  • Stop into our barbershop in Sheridan Park and register for a team
  • Stop all hair grooming and add up the savings during November
  • Donate your savings, plus any additional contribution you want to add, to us here at the barbershop
  • Party at R-Bar with the winning team!

While we’re sorry to have you skip a month of great grooming here at Barbers of the Lowcountry, we love that we’re contributing to a great cause that affects so many.

Our neighbors at R-Bar are participating in No-Shave November as well. You can join Bluffton Beard, Lowcountry Scruff, and Hairy Porter by stopping in for great food and drink, and by November 30th, a LOT of hairy men. Not only are they co-sponsoring our teams, they are hosting the grand prize party on their premise.

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