5th Annual Clipper Cup

5th Annual Clipper Cup

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The 5th Annual Clipper Cup tournament is underway
We will host the tournament at Hilton Head Lakes on Sunday, October 23rd.  Tournament information Here.

Since this is our 5th year we have a goal to raise 5 digits for Bluffton Self Help.  Its a great organization and the do a lot for our community.  Following our tournament we will head over to Southern Barrel where everyone will receive 1 free pint and we will hold a silent auction.  So plan to come hang out afterwards from 6-8pm.

Congratulations to last years winners with a final score of 53 (!) Team "Lighthouse Dispensary" — Chris Marsh, Chris Hendrix, Brain Lape, and Lee Winston. Congratulations, gents!
Alas, there were no hole-in-one prizes claimed during the tournament. (Like that was going to happen!)

This year we are back to our regular tournament play!

Past Clipper Cup Tournaments

Sunday, October 23rd 2022