3rd Annual Clipper Cup

Clipper Cup Wrap-Up

The 3rd Annual Clipper Cup tournament is a wrap!
Thank you to everyone who played and helped make the month-long event a success. While the coronavirus pandemic prevented us from gathering together for a fun-filled day of golf like the first two years, it couldn't stop us from raising funds again for one of our favorite non-profits, Bluffton Self Help.

We will be adding new names to the Clipper Cup plaque in our Bluffton shop. Winning the 2020 tournament with a final score of 58 (!) was the team "HWHC" — Dave Lunka, Dave Politi, John Batten and Bob Rusche. Congratulations, gents!
Alas, there were no hole-in-one prizes claimed during the tournament. (Like that was going to happen!)

We'd like to give heart-felt thanks to our tournament sponsors — Barbara and Tim O'Connor, Alljoy Boat Care, and Choice Bond Technologies — as well as those who donated items for the swag bags: Southern Barrel and J. Hilburn. Last but not least, we'd like to thank Port Royal Golf Club and its employees for their help with the event.

Let's do it again next year — hopefully, only for one day!

Past Clipper Cup Tournaments