Lice Are Not Nice!

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February 4, 2020

It’s that time of year again! Kids go back to school and start playing on the playground with other kids, preschoolers taking naps side by side. All perfect environments for lice to jump from one kid to the next. Next thing you know you have an infestation that no ordinary exterminator can fix. So what do you do? How can you prevent this from happening to your family? 

What does it mean to contract Lice?

Contrary to popular belief, lice are more likely to be found in clean than dirty hair. Many people are embarrassed once they are told their kids have lice. But, in fact, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The key is to act fast! A louse spreads rapidly and multiplies fast.

If you know your child has lice and you bring them to a Barber shop, by law they cannot service you. They may not even know how to treat it, unless you go to Barbers of the Lowcountry. We are trained and know extensively how to treat lice.

What do you do once Lice is contracted?

You must act fast. Find and purchase a product found at most pharmacies called NIX or RID. You will want to also buy the can spray.

Apply the product to the scalp as described, let it sit, and then wash it out. Take the fine tooth comb that comes in the kit and gently come through the hair removing all the nits (eggs). The solution you put in the hair will kill the lice, but it won’t kill the nits. And, if you don’t remove all the nits they will eventually hatch and you will have to start all over.

You will want to wash every comforter, bedspread, pillowcase, etc. in hot water and dry on as high of a heat the material can stand. Heat will kill the nits; however, don’t apply heat to your child’s head. This process may need to be repeated two or three times before you get rid of all the nits. Remember – it’s the nits that you need to be concerned with the most.

How can you prevent your child from contracting lice?

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to prevent lice. It’s one of those things that if the environment is perfect, the child will get it. However, research does show that lice do not like tea tree oil. Our Tea Tree Shampoo is a great way to be as preventative as possible with protecting your child during the school year. But, if your child already has lice, tea tree oil and products won’t’ get rid of it. 

Another good preventative option is to apply products to your child’s hair. For a girl, we suggest using hair spray and boys can use a gel or pomade. You can even get creative with it and give them a cool style while preventing an exhaustive treatment process.

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