Barbers of the Lowcountry's


Shave and a haircut... and so much more. With 3 skill levels to choose from, Intermediate Barber/ Associate Barber/ Senior Barber, priced accordingly
Men’s Haircut - The basic men’s cut to put you back in business finishing with a razor sharp neck shave. Kids cuts also available with price adjustments. $15/$20/$25

Men’s Cut and Style - The basic man’s cut with a wash, style, and razor sharp neck shave for the complete man. $20/$25/$30  

Once Over Shave - Don't have time for the luxury experience? Have one of our barbers only do what's necessary to get the hair off your face. Not as close as the luxury shave but still better than what you'll get from home. $18/$23/$28

Luxury Shave - Relax and treat yourself to our signature straight razor shave where we prepare your skin with our pre-shaving oils, rejuvenating hot towels followed by hot lather and finishing off with a soothing aftershave lotion. $25/$36/$43  

Luxury Shave and Cut - Just the perfect touch to give you the heads up in Business. Complete with a wash, style, and razor sharp neck shave ending with our famous Luxury Shave. $34/$45/$56  

Gray Blending - Keep looking sophisticated while we blend your grey with you natural color. $11/$16/$20

Traditional Buzzcut - Just want buzz it all off? We use one blade to buzz it down, nice, clean, in and out. $11/$16/$20  

Classic Beard Trim - Need a style for your beard or just want to clean up what you have to keep it professional. $6/$10/$12  

** Brent Nelsen owner/operator has separate pricing. Please contact Barbers of the Lowcountry for more information. **