Barbers of the Lowcountry's


We offer services in two categories: hair care and men's grooming.
We also offer memberships that confer additional savings and discounts.

Students and Concierge Team


Our barbers have all worked hard to learn their trade, but their experience varies. To reflect that fact, we price our appointments base on who you are going to see, an Associate Barber, an Intermediate Barber, or a Senior Barber.

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Our Intermediate Barbers, like Dina and Derris, are newer to the trade, but still among the best you'll find anywhere. Pricing for Intermediate Barbers is lower than pricing for Associates and Senior Barbers, and walk-ins are usually accepted.

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Our Associate Barbers have been around for a little bit longer. They have had several years to craft their trade and have developed the kinds of loyalties that keep customers coming back and asking for more.

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Our Senior Barbers, Lou and Brent Nelsen, measure their experience in decades. They are bonafide artists who have chosen to pursue a lifestyle of perfecting their craft. Customers some back again and again for them, and cuts are by appointment only.

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