Barbers of the Lowcountry's


Shave and a haircut... and so much more.
Men’s Haircut - The basic men’s cut to put you back in business finishing with a razor sharp neck shave. $20

Men’s Haircut and Style - The basic man’s cut with a wash, style, and razor sharp neck shave for the complete man. $25  

Closest Shave Experience - Relax and treat yourself to our signature straight razor shave where we prepare your skin with our pre-shaving oils, Rejuvenating hot towels followed by hot lather and finishing off with a soothing aftershave lotion. $36  

The Professional Man - Just the perfect touch to give you the heads up in Business. Complete with a wash, style, and razor sharp neck shave ending with our famous “Closest Shave Experience”. $49  

Traditional Buzzcut - Just want buzz it all off? We use one blade to buzz it down, nice, clean, in and out. $16  

Classic Beard Trim - Need a style for your beard or just want to clean up what you have to keep it professional. $10  

** Brent Nelsen owner/operator has separate pricing. Please contact Barbers of the Lowcountry for more information. **